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Thank you our Pittsburgh Sports Teams  for ALWAYS entertaining us ! 

Pittsburgh from above

At The Trocheck Group  we're all things Pittsburgh Real Estate, from Helping Home Buyers and Sellers, to Investing in, and Building Local Real Estate, we love the Burgh!

Pittsburgh is one of the most livable cities in the Country and we're proud to be here!

From our Great Sports Teams to our Beautiful Rolling Hills and Views this is a Great place to call Home!

Pittsburgh's and it's surrounding Metropolitan is also a Great Place to Raise a Family!!

With our Outstanding Schools and the Solid Character of our

people in the 

Communities our Children can grow Strong Socially, Intellectually, Emotionally, and athletically!

The Diversity that surrounds us and the culture that the diversity brings, is a special platform for all of our communities to grow and succeed.

The Strip District, Southside, Northside, Eastside, Westside North Hills, South Hills it doesn't matter where you go, the pride is evident and the quality of life that our communities promote is 2nd to none!!

Hat's off to Pittsburgh!! What a Great Place to Live!

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